When it comes to know about the best language schools in Dublin, we are the right choice for you!

Each decision starts with you and what you want. What are your goals? What is the most important aspect for you? What kind of accommodation is the appropriate for you? What is your budget?
Studying English abroad can be a defining experience in your life. It is a challenge you wish and want to take. Go To Dublin is concerned for you and your investment, so our team will guarantee the quality of service you deserve.
We offer a wide range of options on the market and the program you choose will be made according to your needs. Our multilingual staff will assist you from your arrival in Ireland and during your stay in Dublin, so you can be sure that you will feel like if you are at home.
Our team is based in Dublin City, which allow us to regularly visit and stay in contact with all partner schools to ensure that they are giving our students the best possible experience. We always speak to students during and after a trip to get feedback.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Our FREE consultation, no hidden charges and lots of options to choose from
  • Complete organisation of your trip, including travel, study and accommodation
  • Guidance through the process of applying for a visa (where necessary).
  • We give you a personalised service, so, if you want to meet us, we definitely want to meet you

With our best price guarantee, you know that you will not find the same program cheaper elsewhere, even if you book direct with a school. At Go to Dublin, we work accurately with the original prices of our partner schools.
In this way, you pay the same price as you would by contacting the school directly. This allows us to guarantee you the most attractive prices. Also, we are encouraged to give you the best package adapted to your budget and your needs, so you will constantly find in Go to Dublin monthly promotions, gifts and super discount packages!


What are the benefits for you?

  • Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, as if you were dealing directly to school.
  • BEST PROMOTIONS, including everything you need during your stay in Dublin.
  • Choosing GO to DUBLIN you will feel sure that you are receiving MORE than what you are investing in.

GO TO DUBLIN gives the best quality service and expertise to our students, so we guarantee that our partner schools give the same criteria to them.
There are some aspects we consider essential:

  • The best quality of teaching and the right variety of courses offered. This lets us offer the right program for each student.
  • The right accommodation options.
  • A healthy mix of nationalities. We send students from all over the world to our partner schools. This helps to speed up learning and makes for a more interesting journey.
  • The school must be a portal to the local community and activities. Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom.
  • Our staff know each partner school intimately; use their knowledge and experience to find the right environment for you.

GO TO DUBLIN knows that learning English through travel is the most enjoyable experience you can have. Our team is a multicultural staff that started in 2009 in Dublin helping students around the world and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. And nowadays, our team is highly prepared and motivated to give the best service and the best options that suits you.

What are the benefits for you?

  • We are passionate about languages and travel and we want to share this enthusiasm with our students
  • Our team speaks different languages which allow us to give you a personalised service. You can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Korean with us
  • Not only we assist you before travelling, but we will be on your side all the time during your stay in Dublin, giving you the right support to study, apply for a visa where necessary, and prepare your CV to live the experience to work in Ireland while you are studying.



 47 Royal Oak Avenue Dublin 9. Dublin 2

 +353 857350016


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