The Blue Light Pub Example Of a Rural Irish Pub

The Blue Light Pub, example of a rural Irish pub.In the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, The warm fireplace and rustic interior make this spot a lovely place to enjoy an evening. Instruments welcome!

The Blue Light is a pub that is located 700 feet above sea level and has the finest views from any pub in Dublin. It  can be found in an area called Barnacullia that translates to mean ‘top of the woods’ in Irish., This area has had a long tradition of quarrying, masonry and stone cutting as the local granite has been used to build Dublin’s finest buildings and churches. This is also the only pub in Dublin that still sells turf! a quintessential example of a rural Irish pub. It has extensive views over looking Dublin City and the bay. It’s name originates from the story that during the mid 1800′s when the customs in Dun Laoghaire harbour went off duty, a light signal would be sent to this location on the hill. ‘The Blue Light’ which was an old ships lantern would then be waved to let sea smugglers know that the ‘coast was clear’ to land their booty, probably rum, tobacco, wine and brandy.

The pub has three areas: the lounge, the bar and an outdoor courtyard. The bar and the lounge is divided into an upper level and lower level. At the bar the perfect pint of Guinness is at the ready. Live music every night and turf fires all day every day. What more could you want? The perfect setting to switch off and enjoy a cozy evening over a few tasty pints.

Step outside and you have one of the best views of Dublin city you will find. The view is amazing both day and night and with a better garden out front, it offers the perfect get away for the smokers amongst us. In the sunshine this place is amazing, the car park doubles up as a beer garden . When the chill comes its time to head back inside to sit back, listen to the crackle of the open fire, the sounds of laughter and enjoy the live music and soak up the atmosphere.

U2 used to gig here in the late 70’s and have enjoyed pints here regularly over the decades. Adam Clayton was caught with drugs here. During a routine check by the Garda in 1989 on the pub’s parking lot, they found 19g of cannabis in Adam’s care. He was charged with possession and suspicion of dealing. Though at first arrested, it ended in him getting a penalty of £25.000 Irish Pounds payable to a women’s shelter.

This long standing pub has been the centre of many a good story and many a great night. Its combines nightly live music, one of the best views of Dublin, a cosy fireside setting and a taste of real Dublin banter. This bar has so much soul that that they could sell it wrapped in newspaper with chips. Once you go here you will want to come back, even though its a little bit of a journey for most, its well worth it. No strangers here, just folks coming together in a common cause…a few pints and bit of chat and a drop of music in the background. Lovely stuff


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